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Pre-conference Workshops / WG Group Meetings

Pre-conference Workshops

Three simultaneous pre-conference workshops will be held from 9.00 - 17.00 in EGF Working Groups at Kiel University on Sunday 29 August.

[Canceled] 1. EGF WG : "Analytical methods for measuring fatty acids in forage"

Contact: Dr. Anjo Elgersma E-mail: Anjo.Elgersma@wur.nl

2. EGF WG: "Research methodology of grazing"

Contact: Dr. Agnes van den Pol - van Dasselaar E-mail: Agnes.vandenpol@wur.nl

3. EGF WG: "Green effects of dairy farming"

Contact: Dr. Frans Aarts E-mail: frans.aarts@wur.nl

Fee 50 €. The price includes lunch and coffee/tea. Participants will have to make their own arrangements for dinner.

Registration: If you want to participate in one of the workshops, please contact the relevant person mentioned above via E-mail and click the box "Pre-conference workshop" in the registration form and confirm your working group participation.

Details: To be announced.

Pre-workshop excursion

Additionally, for participants registered for one of the workshops a "Pre-workshop excursion" will be offered on Saturday 28 August starting at 14.00. The excursion is relevant especially for the workshops 2 and 3. We will visit two intensively managed dairy farms close to Kiel. Both farms are run as family farms, whereas the management systems differ.

The first farm, spanning around 124 acres / 50 ha, provides roughage feed for approximately 50 Holstein-Friesian cows (rotational grazing, maize and grass silage). The milking takes place in a tie-stall with a pipe line milking machine. The second farm keeps around 85 Holstein-Friesian cows in a newly built stable all year round. The milking parlour is a herring-bone/ Swing-Over system. The farmer cultivates grass and maize for silage on around 248 acres / 100 ha in cooperation with a local biogas plant. There will be enough time for questions, and we will have the chance to discuss all aspects of local dairy farming with an expert from the dairy farming extension service.

In the evening, we will have dinner in a restaurant close to the shore of the Kiel Bay and Kiel Canal (not included in the fee). The number of participants is limited to 50. Fee: 50 €

For registration please click the box "Pre-workshop excursion" in the registration form.

Meeting point for all participants is the conference office in Audimax (the main lecture hall) at 13.45.