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Grassland in a changing world - meeting the requirements of producers, livestock, society and the environment

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Saturday, August 28



Pre-workshop excursion (pre-registration is required)
Meeting point: 13:45 at registration desk in main lecture hall (Audimax)

Sunday , August 29





Pre-conference workshops (pre-registration is required)

WG 1: Analytical methods for measuring fatty acids in forage

Location: Audimax, lecture room E

Information: A. Elgersma (Anjo.Elgersma@wur.nl)

WG 2: Research methodology of grazing

Location: Audimax, lecture room A

Information: A. van den Pol-van Dasselaar (agnes.vandenpol@wur.nl)

WG 3: Dairy farming Systems and Environment together with EGF WG "Grassland resowing and arable rotations"

Location: Audimax, lecture room K

Information: F. Aarts (frans.aarts@wur.nl), S. Conijn (sjaak.conijn@wur.nl)


Welcome Drink

Location: Restaurant "Galileo" (close to Audimax)

Monday, August 30



Registration and coffee


Opening session

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: J. Isselstein (Germany)


Opening address

J. Isselstein, President of the European Grassland Federation


Welcome address

G. Fouquet, President of Christian-Albrechts University Kiel


Welcome address

P.-H. Carstensen, Prime Minister of the State of Schleswig-Holstein


Grassland and globalisation

F. Taube , Christian-Albrechts University Kiel


Plenary session 1 - Grassland and global change

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: B. Cagas (Czech Republic)


C3/C4 grasslands and climate change

F.A. Lattanzi (Germany)


Impact of economic and political drivers on the grassland use in the EU

B. Osterburg., F. Isermeyer, B. Lassen, N. Röder (Germany)



Location: Student's cafeteria (Mensa)


Parallel sessions 1.1 and 1.2


1.1 Grassland and climate change
Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairpersons: A. Lüscher (Switzerland), U. Thumm (Germany)


Changes in soil organic matter content of grassland and maize land in the Netherlands between 1970 and 2009

J.A. Reijneveld, P.J. Kuikman, O. Oenema


Changes in abundance and diversity of wild species in grass fields in Denmark

C. Andreasen C., H. Stryhn H., L.C. Andresen


Multi-species mixtures - new perspectives on models and mechanisms
J. Connolly, T. Bell, C. Brophy, T. Carnus, J. Finn, L. Kirwan, A. Lüscher, M.T. Sebastia, A. Weigelt


1.2 Grassland and socio-economic change
Location: Audimax, lecture hall H

Chairpersons: U. Wyss (Switzerland), P. Stypinski (Poland)


Case-control studies for risk-assessment in ecology and agriculture

M. Suter M., A. Lüscher


Extensive grasslands beyond the year 2013 - present situation and options for the future?

R. Luick, S. Schrode


Simulation of the effect of grass intake on the farmer's income

A. Van den Pol-van Dasselaar., M. De Haan., A. Evers A., A.P. Philipsen


Coffee break


Plenary Session 2 "The future of grassland production systems"

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: A. Gomes (Portugal)


Grass biomethane: A sustainable alternative industry for grassland

A. Singh, N.E. Korres, J.D. Murphy (Ireland)


The role of genetic resources for sustainable and productive grassland agriculture

R. Kölliker, B. Boller (Switzerland)


Poster sessions 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2
Location: Audimax basement


Welcome Reception

Location: Kiel town hall

Welcome address: Ms. C. Kietzer (President of Kiel City Council)

Tuesday, August 31


8:15- 9:45

Parallel sessions 2.1 and 2.2


2.1 Grassland systems and technology

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairpersons: P. Golinski (Poland),  A. Reijneveld (The Netherlands)


Influence of cutting date and pre-conditioning on the energy production from grassland through the integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from biomass (IFBB)

F. Richter, T. Fricke, M. Wachendorf


Slurry seeding in grassland in Norway

L. Nesheim


Grassland yield response to knife/tine slurry injection equipment - benefit or crop damage?

M.A. Halling, L. Rodhe


Modelling ammonia emissions after field application of biogas slurries on grassland sites

A. Pacholski, D. Gericke, K. Ni, H. Kage


Microwave for dock control on grassland

R. Latsch, J. Sauter


Better grazing opportunities with a mobile milking robot

A.P. Philipsen, M.H.A. de Haan, A. Van den Pol-van Dasselaar, G. Holshof, F.A.J. Lenssinck, C.J.A.M. de Koning


2.2 The role of genetic resources and  

2.1 Grassland systems and technology (continued)

Location: Audimax, lecture hall H

Chairpersons: M. Humphreys (United Kingdom), D. Reheul (Belgium)


The effect of evaluation protocol on the dry matter yield performance of Lolium perenne varieties

M. McEvoy, M. O'Donovan, C. Wims, E. Kennedy


A system to optimize forage crop variety trials for regionalized Recommended Lists in Germany

S. Hartmann


Genetic shift in white clover ( Trifolium repens L.) after natural selection in a marginal area

M. Göransson M., Ă. Helgadóttir


Analysis of hyperspectral data to estimate forage quality in legume-grass mixtures

S. Biewer, T. Fricke, M. Wachendorf


Dry matter and protein yields of red clover, Italian ryegrass and their mixtures

S. Alibegovic-Grbic, M. Bezdrob, H. Civic


Continuous and rotational grazing system with horses: effects on gorse production understorey developed under Pinus radiata stand

M.R. Mosquera-Losada, R. Mouhbi, M.P. González-Hernández1, A. Boubaker, A.Rigueiro-Rodrí­guez

9:45 -10:15

Coffee break


Plenary session 3 - From grass to milk and meat

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: A. de Vliegher (Belgium)


Forage conservation, feeding value and milk quality

P. Huhtanen (Sweden), K.-H. Südekum (Germany), J. Nousiainen (Finland), K.J. Shingfield (Finland)


Authenticity and traceability of grassland production and products

F.J. Monahan, A.P. Moloney, G. Downey, P.G. Dunne, O. Schmidt, S.M. Harrison (Ireland)


Parallel sessions 3.1 and 3.2


3.1 Forage conservation, feeding value and product quality

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairpersons: M. Gierus (Germany), K. Soegaard (Denmark)


Harvest dates affect fungal counts and fungal composition of baled haylage

J.A. Schenck, C.E. Müller


Top losses in maize silage sealed with different plastic films

T.F. Bernardes, L.G. Nussio, R.C. Amaral


A scheduling model for forage harvesting  

C.G. Sřrensen, D.D. Bochtis, O. Green, F.W. Oudshoorn


3.2 Authenticity and traceability of grassland production and products

Location: Audimax, lecture hall H

Chairpersons: S. Prache (France), M. Coppa (Italy)


The effect of allocation frequency in rotational grazing systems on the fatty acid profile in milk fat of dairy cows

B. Vlaeminck, P.A. Abrahamse, V. Fievez, M. Lourenço, J. Dijkstra, S. Tamminga


Influence of the botanical diversity and development stage of mountain pastures on milk fatty acid composition, carotenoids, fat-soluble vitamins and sensory properties

G. Tornambč, A. Ferlay, A. Farruggia, Y. Chilliard, P. Loiseau, P. Pradel, B. Graulet, B. Chauveau-Duriot, B. Martin


Meat quality of Norwegian lambs finished on semi-natural pastures, concentrate or ryegrass pastures

V. Lind, J. Berg, L.O. Eik, S.M. Eilertsen, M. Hersleth, E. Haugland


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Arrival in Kiel

Wednesday, September 1



Parallel sessions 3.1 and 3.2

3.1 Forage conservation, feeding value and product quality (continued)

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairpersons: M. Gierus (Germany), K. Soegaard (Denmark)


Variation of fatty acid content in grass and milk during the grazing season

U. Wyss, A. Münger, M. Collomb


Effect of pasture botanical composition on milk composition in organic production

S. Adler, A.V. Dahl, A.H. Vae, E. Thuen, T. Garmo, S. Krogh-Jensen, J. Hansen-Mřller, H. Steinshamn


The condensed tannins in sainfoin cause digestive synergy on in vitro rumen fermentation of cocksfoot

V. Niderkorn., A. Le Morvan, R. Baumont


Influence of genotype and mechanical stress on the specific polyphenol oxidase activity in pure red clover swards

N. Weiher, M. Krawutschke, M. Gierus, F. Taube


3.2 Authenticity and traceability of grassland production and products (continued) and

3.1 Forage conservation, feeding value and product quality (continued)

Location: Audimax, lecture hall H

Chairpersons: S. Prache (France), M. Coppa (Italy)


Tracing processes in grassland systems with stable isotopes - Results from the EGF master class

N.N., Participants of the EGF Master Class "Stables Isotopes in Grassland Science"


Enrichment of 13 C in Medicago sativa and Lolium multiflorum n-alkanes

M. Bulang, J. Boguhn, M. Rodehutscord


Comparison of grazed grass and a TMR diet on early lactation milk production performance

E. Kennedy, E. Lewis, J.P. Murphy, M. O'Donovan


Influence of tree and shrub presence on plant nutrient content of pasture in dehesa system

M.L. López-Dí­az, G. Moreno Marcos, V. Rolo Romero


Coffee break

9:45-11:1 5

Poster sessions 3.1 and 3.2
Location: Audimax basement


Plenary session 4 - Grassland ecosystem services

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: G. Peratoner (Italy)


Balancing trade-offs in ecosystem functions and services in grassland management

M.A. Sanderson (United States), F. Wätzold (Germany)


Ecosystem services and functions of biodiversity in grasslands

A. Weigelt, A. Vogel, M. Scherer-Lorenzen (Germany)



Location: Student's cafeteria (Mensa)


Parallel sessions 4.1 and 4.2


4.1 Balancing tradeoffs between functions

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairpersons: V. Pavlu (Czech Republic), P. Virkajärvi (Finland)


Plant functional strategies from 13 co-occurring grass species explain the productivity and abundance in productive grasslands

L. da S. Pontes, V. Maire, N. Gross, R. Proulx, F. Louault, P. Carrére, J.F. Soussana


Distinct response of two wet grassland communities to different management regimes

J. Cop, K. Eler, M. Vidrih


Regulation of meadow saffron ( Colchicum autumnale L.) in extensively managed grasslands

L.S. Jung, S. Winter, M. Kriechbaum, R.L. Eckstein, T.W. Donath, A. Otte


Winter resistence of pasture weeds Rumex obtusifolius L. and R. crispus L.

V. Krištálová, M. Hejcman, K. Cervená


Evaluation of the agronomical and environmental relevance of the CAP measure 'flowering grassland'

S. Plantureux, A. Ney, B.Amiaud


4.2 Functions of biodiversity

Location: Audimax, lecture h all H

Chairpersons: N. Wrage (Germany), M. Hejcman (Czech Republic)


Paths of nitrogen transfer from Trifolium repens to non-legume plants in unfertilised pastures

K. Auerswald, R. Schäufele, H. Schnyder


Effect of mono- and mixed grazing of cattle and sheep on grassland diversity patterns

M. Seither, U. Petersen, N. Wrage, J. Isselstein


Anecic earthworms and associated ecosystem services under pressure in a ley-arable crop rotation

N. van Eekeren, L. Bommelé, J. Bokhorst, A.J. Schouten, D. Reheul, L. Brussaard


Agronomically improved grass-legume mixtures: higher dry matter yields and more persistent legume proportions

D. Suter, O. Huguenin-Elie, D. Nyfeler, A. Lüscher


Grass root turn-over for improved soil hydrology to combat flooding

M.W. Humphreys , L.B. Turner, S.A. O'Donovan, C.J.A. Macleod, I.P. King, W.R. Whalley, P.M. Haygarth


Coffee break


Poster sessions 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2

Location: Audimax basement


Conference dinner (pre-registration is required)

Location: Kiel castle

Landscape change in North-West Europe during the last 2000 years (H.-R. Bork)

Poster Prize Award

1. The effect of climate, clover species and swath management on pre-wilting of a mixture of grass and clover
Sřegaard K.
2. The quest for persistent green in outdoor chicken runs – an investigation on fourteen grassland species
Breitsameter L., Wrage N. and Isselstein J.
3. Cattle grazing on Swedish semi-natural pastures – how behaviour effects nutrient transport in the grazing area
Pelve M.E., Glimskär A. and Spörndly E.

Thursday, September 2



Plenary session 5 - Pastoral/grazing systems
Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: M. Elsäßer (Germany)


To produce milk at grazing to reconcile economic and environmental performances

J.L. Peyraud (France), A. Van den Pol-van Dasselaar (Netherlands), P. Dillon (Ireland), L. Delaby (France)


Environmental impacts of grazed pastures

J. Eriksen (Denmark), S. Ledgard (New Zealand), J. Luo (New Zealand), R. Schils (The Netherlands), J. Rasmussen (Denmark)


Coffee break


Parallel sessions 5.1 and 5.2


5.1 Pasture management and production

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairpersons: E. Pötsch (Austria), B. Dumont (France)


Comparison of methods to quantify bite rate in calves grazing winter oats with different structures

L.B. Nadin, F. Sánchez Chopa, J.K. Trindade, G. Amaral, G.D. Milano, L.S. Moreno, H.L. Gonda


Grazing behaviour and intake of two Holstein cow types in a pasture-based production system

F. Schori, A. Münger


Increasing concentrate levels during the grazing season - effects on yield and behaviour of dairy cows

K. Alvĺsen, E. Spörndly


Feeding behaviour of sheep on shrubs ( Cytisus scoparius L.) in response to contrasting herbaceous cover

L. da S. Pontes , D. Magda, C. Agreil, B. Gleizes


Utilisation of cut and grazed fields is linked to their geographical characteristics in mountainous bovine systems

F. Garcia-Launay, C.Sibra, H. Molénat, C. Agabriel, G. Brunschwig


5.2 Environmental benefits and risks and

5.1 Pasture management and production (continued)

Location: Audimax, lecture hall H

Chairpersons: H. Eckersten (Sweden), R.-M. Canals (Spain)


The contribution of grass and clover root turnover to N leaching

J. Rasmussen, Á. Helgadóttir, B. Frankow-Lindberg, R. Loges, J. Eriksen


Winter grazing of grass-clover swards grown as green manure under the maritime climatic conditions of Northern Germany

R. Loges, D. Westphal, F. Taube


Nitrogen excretions in dairy cows on a rotational grazing system: effects of fertilization type, days in the paddock and time period.

I. Dufrasne, V. Robaye, L. Istasse, J.-L. Hornick


The effect of organic management strategies on dairy production in clover-based grassland

B. Keogh, J. Humphreys, P. Phelan, M. Necpalova, I.A. Casey, E. Fitzgerald


The effect of sward Lolium perenne content and defoliation method on seasonal and total dry matter production

P. Creighton, E. Kennedy, T. Gilliland, T.M. Boland, M. O'Donovan


Coffee break

Business meeting


Closing session

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G


Round table discussion
"The future of grassland in Europe"

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

Chairperson: R. Wilkins (United Kingdom)

R. Mögele, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

H.-C. Eiden, Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE), Bonn, Germany

G. Nagy, Debrecen University, Debrecen, Hungary


Resumé of the conference

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G

J. Nösberger (Switzerland)


Closing ceremony

Location: Audimax, lecture hall G



Location: Student's cafeteria (Mensa)


Satellite Meeting of the German Grassland Society (AGGF)

Location: Audimax, lecture hall C

14:30-19 :00

Satellite Meeting of MULTISWARD on Multifunctional Grasslands

Location: Audimax, lecture hall A