Satellite Meeting of the German Grassland Society (AGGF)
on Thursday, 2nd September 2010

Welcome to AGGF2010 - General Information

The German Grassland Society (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Grünland und Futterbau, AGGF) is going to hold its Annual Conference as a satellite meeting of the EGF General Meeting 2010. The AGGF meeting will take place immediately after the EGF2010 General Meeting on Thursday 2nd September 2010, 14.00 to 17.00 h. Participants attending the EGF conference are invited to visit the AGGF2010 conference free of charge. The AGGF2010 conference language will be German. Further information in German language is available on the AGGF website.

Scope of the German Grassland Society (AGGF)

Scope of the German Grassland Society (AGGF) AGGF is the main scientific association for grassland research in Germany. It is the general aim of the AGGF to enhance the scientific progress in grassland management and to represent this field to neighbouring scientific disciplines, to national and international politics, and to society as a whole. AGGF has some 250 members, half of them being from science and the other from advisory services, administration and farming industry. There are regular meetings every year with 100 to 150 participants.

Scientific Programme

The aim of AGGF2010 is to discuss and conclude on new research findings raised by EGF2010 and their relevance for grassland and forage research as well as for the up- and downstream industry and administration in Germany.

Thursday 2nd September 2010

14:00 AGGF-Workshop zum Thema "Grünland- und Futterbauforschung für die Zukunft der landwirtschaftlichen Praxis"

  • Grassland and global change
  • Grassland systems and technology
  • From grass to milk and meat
  • Grassland ecosystem services
  • Pastoral/grazing systems
15:30 Kaffeepause
16:00 Abschlussdiskussion
16:30 Mitgliederversammlung 2010 der AGGF
17:00 Ende


The location will be the same as for the EGF2010 General Meeting, i.e. the Campus of the Christian Albrecht-University Kiel/Germany. For details see EGF2010 venue.


Participants of the EGF2010 General Meeting do not have to register for AGGF2010 and will not be charged any AGGF conference fee.

Participants only attending the AGGF2010 meeting are asked to register by using the registration form. The conference fee is 50 Euro. It covers refreshments for coffee break, the book of abstracts of the EGF2010 General Meeting and a CD copy of the conference proceedings.

Please print out the registration form, provide the necessary information on the form and fax it to the conference bureau (see address and fax number on the form). Registration to the AGGF2010 conferences includes to visit the closing events of the EGF General Meeting on Thursday morning September 2, 2010.

Further information/Contact

AGGF Webseite

Conference Secretary
Sigmone Hoffmann
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
Hermann-Rodewaldt-Str. 9
D-24098 Kiel
Tel: +49 (0)431 880 1515