Accompanying persons programme

accompanying persons programme (PDF)

Fee for accompanying persons: EUR 280 for registrations received by 30 April 2010, EUR 330 for registrations received after 30 April. On-site registration costs EUR 350. The fee includes tours and coffee and lunch during the tours.

Registered accompanying persons are welcome to participate in all the activities listed below. Pre-registration is required. Please register on the registration form.

Sunday 29 August

Registration will be held in the Audimax at 8.30-20.00 . A welcome drink is offered in the nearby restaurant Galileo at 17.00 - 20.00.

Monday 30 August

Tour to Plön Castle and Lübeck, Monday 30 August

On Monday morning, we are starting for a day trip to the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein, where we will visit the towns of Lübeck and Plön.

Lübeck gained fame for its salt trade in the Middle Ages and became 'queen of the Hanseatic towns'. Because of its outstanding brick Gothic, the UNESCO declared the existing cityscape to be a World Cultural Heritage Site. A history of literary culture (Günter Grass, Thomas Mann) gives the city a refined air. A guide will show us the most beautiful places and sights of the city, e.g. the market square, the medieval court yards and alleyways, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, and the Shipper's Guild Hall.

The "Holsteinische Schweiz" (Holstein Switzerland), our next destination, is an idyllic countryside in eastern Schleswig-Holstein, famous for its manor houses, historic towns, and around 200 lakes embedded in soft rolling hills and forests. We will visit Plön palace with its restored historical buildings and extensive palace gardens, belonging to the most beautiful palaces and castles in Schleswig-Holstein. Our coffee break will take place in the old castle plant nursery - also called the Melon garden, because tropical fruits were grown on the sunny slope at the time of the dukes. We will enjoy cake and tea spiced with homegrown herbs and fruits from the garden.

Welcome Reception at the Town Hall, Kiel, Monday 30 August (Social Events)
A buffet with locally produced specialities will be served after the scientific programme has ended in the early evening on 30 August. It is included in the registration fee for all registered delegates and accompanying persons.

Tuesday 31 August

Kiel sightseeing

On Tuesday morning, there will be a guided tour through Kiel.

Mid-conference Tour

You can choose between five different Mid-conference Tours on a first come first served basis. Pre-registration is required. Please register on the registration form.

Wednesday 1 September

Tour to Schleswig

On Wednesday, we will discover the northern part of Schleswig-Holstein. Our first destination is the town of Schleswig. Situated at the end of the Baltic sea fjord Schlei, the town of Schleswig has been one of the North's most important trading places since Viking times. The residence of the Dukes of Gottorf made Schleswig the cultural centre point of Northern Europe. The cathedral of Schleswig, perfected in the 16th century, ranks among the most important architectural monuments of Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein is famous for its picturesque landscapes, fresh air and its "representatives", the Holstein Frisian cows. Over 120 types of cheese, both made of cow-, sheep- and goatmilk, are produced in Schleswig-Holstein, often in small-scale cheese dairies. We will visit a farmer milking 170 East Friesian dairy sheep. The milk is processed in a small cheese dairy, which is located on the farm. A taste of the different sorts of cheese will be presented at the end of our guided tour. The café "Rosenhof Hohn", which also includes a small boutique, will be the last stay of our trip. It is surrounded by a rose garden with 250 different types of roses and a big herbspiral.

Conference Dinner at Kiel Castle, Wednesday 1 September (Social Events)

Pre-registration is required. Please register on the registration form.

Thursday 2 September

Tour to Molfsee

On Thursday morning, we will visit the open-air museum of Molfsee, close to Kiel, which is the largest open-air museum in Northern Germany. The museum interprets the cultural history and folklore of the rural areas. Over 70 historic buildings, farms, and mills originating from different Schleswig-Holstein landscapes, including furniture and equipment, are spread over a 60 ha sized area with meadows, gardens, fields and lakes. A guided tour gives you a glimpse into how people lived and worked during the last centuries.

Views of Molfsee

(© Schleswig-Holsteinisches

Historical house
(© Schleswig-Holsteinisches

Rosary of the water mill
(© Schleswig-Holsteinisches