Abteilung Grünland und Futterbau/Ökologischer Landbau

Cecilia Loza


Research project


  • M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences, option Animal Science, Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República (UDELAR), Uruguay
  • M.Sc. thesis title: Effect of herbage biomass on intake, energy expenditure and methane emissions of grazing dairy cows.

Journal publications

  • Reinsch T, Loza C, Malisch CS, Vogeler I, Kluß C, Loges R, Taube F 2021. Toward Specialized or Integrated Systems in Northwest Europe: On-Farm Eco-Efficiency of Dairy Farming in Germany. Front. Sustain. Food Syst. 5, 614348. https://doi.org/10/gj68j4
  • Loza C, Verma S, Wolffram S, Susenbeth A, Blank R, Taube F, Loges R, Hasler M, Kluß C, Malisch CS 2021. Assessing the Potential of Diverse Forage Mixtures to Reduce Enteric Methane Emissions In Vitro. Animals 11, 1126. https://doi.org/10/gjqkkq
  • Loza C, Reinsch T, Loges R, Taube F, Gere JI, Kluß C, Hasler M, Malisch CS 2021. Methane Emission and Milk Production from Jersey Cows Grazing Perennial Ryegrass–White Clover and Multispecies Forage Mixtures. Agriculture 11, 175. https://doi.org/10/gh4n97

Conference proceedings and presentations

  • Loza C.; Gere, J.; Orcasberro, M.S.; Juliarena, P.; Alvarez-Oxiley, A; Astigarraga, L. (2017) Effect of pasture height on intake, milk yield and methane emissions of grazing dairy cows. Abstract. 3rd GEI conference in farming systems in South América (GALA 2017).
  • Loza, C.; Gere, J.; Orcasberro, M.S.; Casal, A.; Carriquiry, M.; Astigarraga, L. (2018) Energy expenditure and methane emissions of grazing dairy cows at two pregrazing herbage biomass. Abstract. 27th European grassland federation general meeting.


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