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Grazing systems for dairy cattle in NW-Europe - WS 2017/2018

Grazing systems for dairy cattle in Europe (AEF-agr836)
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Do, 14:00 - 18:00 and Fr, 10:00 - 14:00, HRS9 - R.216;
Weekly blocked during the first half of the semester.

Scheduling of lectures

26./27. Oct. Prof. F. Taube
CAU Kiel

Grazing terminology, grazing systems for dairy cattle, grazing systems in northern Germany, eco-efficiency of grazing

02./03. Nov. Dr. James Humphreys TEAGASC
Moorepark, Ireland
Grazing Systems in Ireland
Compact spring-calving system of milk production in Ireland, grass breeding for grazing, perennial ryegrass - variety effects, sward management to optimise herbage intake, targets for pre- and post- grazing heights, economy of grazing systems, environmental effects
09./10. Nov. Dr. Hubert Spiekers
LfL Grub, Bavaria
Grazing Systems in Alpine Regions
Forage quality, herbage intake, grazing from an animal nutrition perspective, grazing related challenges for animal breeding, economy of grazing, monitoring nutrient fluxes in grazing systems on commercial dairy farms in Bavaria
16. Nov. Dr. Carsten Malisch
CAU Kiel
Special Aspects of Forage Quality in Grazing Systems
17. Nov. Dr. Ralf Loges
CAU Kiel
  1. Farm Data Evaluation: Grazing versus Confinement
  2. The Lindhof-Project „Eco-efficiency of Grazing Systems“
23./24. Nov. Dr. Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar
Wageningen, Netherlands
Grazing Systems in The Netherlands
Relationships between herbage on offer and grass intake, organizing grazing systems; new technologies (e.g. milking parlour systems for grazing,) decision support tools for grazing systems.
30.Nov/01.Dec Dr. Henri Kohnen
LTA Ettelbrück Luxemburg
Grazing Systems for Dairy Cattle in the Ardennes- Eifel Region
Grazing objectives; grazing basics (pre-grazing sward high, pasture pressure: stocking rate, post-grazing sward high; effect of grazing on milk yields;, farm walk with feed wedge, feeding and pasture calendar; results from Interreg IVb Dairyman project
07. Dec. Dr. Ralf Loges
CAU Kiel
Farm walk: Experimental Farm Lindhof
08. Dec. Braida Gregis
Berner Fachhochschule, HAFL
Grazing System in Switzerland
Background of Swiss dairy production, main types of grasslands, Swiss dairy production, evolution of Swiss dairy production, valorization of multifunctionality of Swiss dairy production, significance of forbs
14./15. Dec. Prof. F. Taube
CAU Kiel
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