Abteilung Grünland und Futterbau/Ökologischer Landbau

M.Sc. Supriya Verma

Room 220, 0431 880 - 2137

Evaluate the potential of different tannin rich forage legumes in reducing methane emissions in ruminants.

Journal publications

  • Loza C, Verma S, Wolffram S, Susenbeth A, Blank R, Taube F, Loges R, Hasler M, Kluß C, Malisch CS 2021. Assessing the Potential of Diverse Forage Mixtures to Reduce Enteric Methane Emissions In Vitro. Animals 11, 1126. https://doi.org/10/gjqkkq
  • Verma S, Taube F, Malisch CS 2021. Examining the Variables Leading to Apparent Incongruity between Antimethanogenic Potential of Tannins and Their Observed Effects in Ruminants - A Review. Sustainability 13, 2743 https://doi.org/10.3390/su13052743


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