Abteilung Grünland und Futterbau/Ökologischer Landbau

Grazing systems for dairy cattle in NW-Europe - WS 2021/22

(AEF-agr836, Thursday 2-6 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

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Weekly blocked during the first half of the semester.

Scheduling of lectures (PDF)

Date Lecturer Topics
28./29. Oct.
Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Taube,
CAU Kiel
Grazing terminology, grazing systems for dairy cattle, grazing systems in northern Germany, eco-efficiency of grazing
04./05. Nov.
Dr. Ralf Loges,
CAU Kiel
The Lindhof project I: Eco-efficiency of grazing systems in Northern Germany (lecture on Thursday); farm walk including measuring grass growth, tiller density etc. on Friday
11./12. Nov.

M.Sc. Friederike Fenger,
CAU Kiel
Grazing systems in Ireland
Compact spring-calving system of milk production in Ireland, dairy cow and grass breeding for grazing systems, sward management to optimise herbage intake, targets for pre- and post-grazing heights, economics of grazing systems, environmental effects
18. Nov.

Prof. Dr. Beat Reidy,
Bern University of Applied Sciences (HAFL), Switzerland
Grazing Systems in Switzerland
Grassland-based dairy production in the context of an alpine country. Pedoclimatic conditions, structures, and agropolitical framework. Types of grasslands, valorization of multifunctionality and environmental challenges.
19. Nov
8.00 -
Dr. Stewart Ledgard, M.Sc. Chris Glassey and
M.Sc. Denise Knop
Dairy NZ, New Zealand online
Grazing Systems in New Zealand
Pasture-based dairy systems in NZ. Economics of dairy farming in NZ. Current research on eco-efficiency (GHG, Nitrate). Breeding progress in grasses, management factors to optimize performance
25./26. Nov.
Prof. Dr. Hubert Spiekers
Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL)
Grazing systems in alpine regions of Bavaria
Forage quality, herbage intake, grazing from an animal nutrition perspective, grazing related challenges for animal breeding, economy of grazing, monitoring nutrient fluxes in grazing systems on commercial dairy farms in Bavaria
02. Dec.

Research Prof. Dr. Håvard Steinshamn
Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Norway
Grazing systems in Norway
Ruminant livestock production, and grassland resources and management. Grazing systems for dairy cattle, beef cattle, dairy goats and sheep - examples from practice and experiments
03. Dec.
Dr. Carsten Malisch,
CAU Kiel
The Lindhof project II: Biodiversity x productivity and literature analysis
09./10. Dec. Dr. Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar
Aeres University of Applied Sciences, NL
Head: EGF Working Group "Grazing"
Grazing systems in the Netherlands and Europe
Grazing in Europe, background of Dutch dairy production, advantages and disadvantages of grazing, relationships between herbage on offer and grass intake, Nieuw Nederlands Weiden, decision support tools for grazing systems
16./17. Dec. Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Taube, CAU Kiel Oral examination


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