Abteilung Grünland und Futterbau/Ökologischer Landbau


CA18238 - European transdisciplinary networking platform for marine biotechnology

The overall aim of the Action is to federate experts in the field of marine biotechnology, providing a platform for sharing their knowledge and experiences as well as developing a roadmap for a successful, sustainable and ethical marine biotechnology implementation in practice.

This exciting and ambitious aim will create a cluster of interdisciplinary experts covering the field of marine biotechnology at European Level and beyond. To the best of our knowledge, such a diverse pool of expertise has never been united in practice before.


  • The ocean is underexplored and not well exploited
  • Exploiting the natural potential of the ocean is therefore considered as a research and business opportunity
  • Marine organisms produce a vast diversity of primary and secondary metabolites with antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer, analgesic, anti-inf ammatory, nutritional, photoprotective activity
  • > 30,000 compounds have been discovered from marine organisms since the 1960s

What do we need

  • Intersectorial collaboration & knowledge co-creation: from basic to applied sciences, from biologists to chemists, experts from natural to social sciences, as well as legislation experts and professionals from the industry
  • To provide guidelines for policy consideration for sustainable and responsible ocean exploration



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